Denver, Colorado based Global Food Exchange recently signed an agreement with the government of Ethiopia for the purchase of its fortified cereals to be manufactured in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  This agreement will provide food to more than 165,000 child and adult refugees daily, and will create employment for 200+ locals.  Most importantly, the use of extended shelf life technology allows GFE to guarantee purchase to more than 140,000 smallhold farmers while assuring sufficient inputs for continued manufacturing throughout throughout the year.  This venture promises strong risk-adjusted returns and is a model we look to replicate globally. 


Global Food Exchange is partnering with a local manufacturer to retrofit the facility and improve operations and efficiencies to meet global standards for fortified cereal production.  GFE is looking for strategic partners to complete the investment.  We would love to have foundations, family offices, NGOs, sovereign wealth funds, and development focused organizations join us as as we create truly sustainable jobs, farms, and market systems.  The project has commitments for more than 80% of the needed investment, and is looking for parties interested in either debt or equity for the remainder.  Please feel free to contact for more details.