USAID's Bureau for Asia released an opportunity to submit concept notes for potential consideration of funding through a broad agency announcement (BAA). The goal of the concepts are to identify and implement approaches for harnessing local innovations, expertise, and partnerships to solve development challenges in Asia. Check out the full announcement and criteria here.



Agriculture and agribusinesses are key drivers behind the ASEAN region's economic growth. Southeast Asia is one of the most productive agricultural baskets in the world, producing 129 million tons of rice, 40 million tons of corn, 171 million tons of sugarcane, 1.44 million tons of soybean, and 70.34 million tons of cassava in 2012. Advances in technology and regional connectivity have made it easier for such commodities to enter global value chains. In addition to being home to over 600 million people, ASEAN is also strategically located between major East Asia and South Asia markets, making it an ideal supply and processing base for agribusinesses with an eye for expansion and growth.


The goal of this call is to increase access to finance for SMAs operating across the ASEAN countries in which USAID works (including Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Burma, Philippines, and Vietnam). This call is a competitive approach for USAID to consider ideas that advance the state-of-the-art solutions with potential partners. The competitive approach includes co-creation, co-designing, co-investing with USAID and other potential partners who submit concepts.