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10 acres for commercial rent

Posted by innosl Jul 20, 2017

I would like to look at renting 10 acres of my farm land for rent. Located in Newton, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

AgThentic identifies actionable insights and opportunities to help entrepreneurs, investors & corporations improve the food system. Check out what types of investors and start-ups they are working with, browse the listing of resources they have available, and check out their reports and studies to accelerate your own ag business.

Terra, in partnership with Rabobank and RocketSpace, is hosting an eight week series of workshops and mentoring that brings together ag and food startups with corporates to help accelerate growth and investment in innovative technologies. If you are a startup, check out their website and apply for the next course.

Agriculture is both a major cause of global warming, and will be significantly affected by global warming.

This article has been carefully prepared by FIMOAT-CIG in preparation to be presented in a UN high level event in Newyork, Vienna and/or Geneva of the preparatory process of a global compact on safe, orderly and regular migration.We welcome criticism from this family community before presentation at the event. To view the article in pdf format click hear:

Climate change, agriculture and migration.pdf - Google Drive


Global warming is likely to generate rising temperatures and more severe storms such as hurricanes that erode agricultural land. This could lead to more competition for agricultural land and water that has been shifted likely to urban areas. With increasing population deforestation to make land available for habitation, crops and livestock and to produce biofuels could accelerate global warming. Deforestation itself is a major cause of accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHG) such as carbon dioxide and methane emitted in the atmosphere causing global warming. We might expect acceleration in the pace of rural-urban migration within countries due to global warming. We might also expect out-migration of farmers to areas that are likely to become more viable for farming or other sectors.


Climate change and agriculture


More demands are now being placed upon agriculture: global food security, responding to climate change and protecting environmental services. Climate change challenges need to be understood as they interact with other major development processes such as globalization, de-agrarianisation, urbanization and migration. In the agricultural sector, the broad concept of Climate-Smart Agriculture is moving to the fore. It merges productivity, adaptation, mitigation, sustainable intensification and climate resilience, alongside broader development goals. Climate change may only be adding to the challenges facing agriculture, but could also act as a catalyst, alongside other global concerns, to create fresh opportunities for sustainable agricultural development. Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA): CSA has quite a broad definition and draws together sustainable productivity, resilience, adaptation, emissions reductions, national food security and development goals under one umbrella. CSA is perceived as a threat to modernizing agriculture and achieving food security. CSA presents potentially new funding opportunities but will require strong political leadership, supportive government policies and institutional arrangements that make investments worthwhile. These are challenges already central to debates on agricultural development for many decades. While adaptations or mitigation projects can be important sources of learning, more programmatic and mainstream planning responses are needed. Attention needs to be paid not only to productivity issues, but also to how climate change may change value chains and global trade flows. FIMOAT-CIG is promoting Climate Smart Agriculture, which brings together responses to climate change like adaptation, mitigation, resilience alongside broader development goals. However, as a result of merging multiple objectives these concepts can appear somewhat ambitious in terms of implementation. The broad nature of the concepts allows for varied interpretations in implementation, encourages inclusiveness and sparks debate. Potential synergies and trade-offs among food production, adaptation and mitigation include:  Expansion of agricultural land, increased use of mechanization, fertilizer and other inputs.  Improved irrigation infrastructure and weather forecasting. Use of single high-yielding variety.  Restoration of degraded land, improvement of soil-macro- and micro-nutrients.  Diversification of crop, livestock and fisheries varieties, improved on-farm and off-farm food storage.  On-farm production and use of biofuels.  Reforestation, decreased livestock production and agroforestry options that have low food benefits.


Climate change, agriculture and migration


The agricultural sector employed about 1.4 billion of the world’s 3.4 billion workers in 2008. Even without climate change, coming years are likely to witness continuing large-scale migration out of the agricultural sector, particularly in developing countries where farm incomes are significantly lower than non-farm incomes. Climate change, specifically global warming, is likely to accelerate this pace of migration. Several economic models project that global warming will have more effects on the distribution of farm production than global farm output, with new areas becoming viable for farming as a result of higher temperatures. However, far more people are likely to be displaced by global warming than those likely to find jobs in these new farming areas. Existing policy addressing the challenges already faced by agricultural workers as they seek alternative economic opportunities is limited. The likely impact of climate change on the agricultural sector, more displacement, underscores the urgent need for policymakers and the international community to commit greater attention and resources towards developing a package of innovative policies to provide workers with alternative opportunities within the agricultural sector or to ease their out-migration from the sector. The agricultural sector comprises the largest reservoir of workers looking for higher wages and more opportunity. Global warming is likely to exacerbate the challenges faced by agricultural workers. While it may be difficult to isolate climate change from other factors encouraging people in rural areas to move to urban areas, there can be little doubt that climate changes will add to out-migration. It is also clear that existing policy is inadequate to address the current flow of migrants from the agricultural sector, much less an increased movement as a result of climate change. The likely effects of global warming underscore the urgency of developing effective and comprehensive policy to address the challenges faced by agricultural workers. A concerted effort on the part of home and host governments, and the international community, and a commitment of resources towards developing feasible and innovative options and incentives to make both the rural sector attractive or to assist migrants in making the transition out of the agricultural sector will be critical in the next years.

Emmanuel Udomisormbuh patience atamStephen Mugo

We received this funding opportunity from our friends at National Geographic. Please look through the information and let us know if you would like to pursue this challenge to win $25 thousand. Applications include a short film (one minute) and a written description. Applications can only be received from the United States, and are due July 31, 2017. Check below for more information, including the rules.


"Nat Geo’s CHASING GENIUS  is a new initiative built on the premise that transformational ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We are currently soliciting ideas—big and small—around three critical issues: sustainable planet, global health, and feeding 9 billion. We will provide $25,000 to each of four winners to develop their ideas further.


I hope you and your colleagues at the Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation Program will consider joining the CHASING GENIUS Challenge and will help us spread the word. Submissions close July 31st. For more information, go to www.natgeochasinggenius.com."

Katapult Accelerator is looking for qualified applicants for the next round of their acceleration services which begins in July. The awarded startups will receive three months of accleration assistance, up to $100 thousand in investment, and access to Katapult's broad network of companies and investors. Application are due on May 31st.

The Water Data Challenge seeks breakthroughs in enabling resource-poor farmers to access and make use of affordable, timely water data, resulting in better management of scarce water resources to support resilient, productive farms. Apply here in three easy steps.

The application process for the Water Data Challenge is as follows:

  • Applications accepted from innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups, researchers, and government agencies. We encourage applications from women-led organizations and organizations located in low or low-middle income countries. We require that proposals have a partner from a low or low-middle income country. (Note: Please provide supporting information on partnerships, as well as team leadership and make-up.)  Awardees will be chosen by a panel of judges, selected for the Water Innovation Engine.
  • Awards: The Call for Innovations will begin on World Water Day, March 22, 2017, with a rolling application process. Following the Call for Innovations, a group of experts will select key innovations to receive planning grants of US $10,000 to be announced by July of 2017. Applicants selected for planning grants in the first round will be asked to submit full proposals, and will be eligible for early-stage awards up to US $250,000, and ready-to-scale awards up to US $1million.
  • Support is expected to include collaboration with other innovators, technical experts, funders, leaders and stakeholders to expand networks, enhance solutions, and multiply the impact of challenge funding.
  • Timeline: The Water Data Challenge will launch on World Water Day on March 22, 2017, with the first awards announced by July, 2017.

USAID's Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub
The Trade and Investment Hub is a five-year trade and investment facilitation project for Southern Africa. It's the fourth generation of trade hubs funded by USAID that have helped increase trade and investment across the region. The project is expected to increase global competitiveness and intra-regional trade and improve food security in Southern Africa.

We look at business from every angle
Across five components, the Trade and Investment Hub is...

  • Leveraging finance and investment in targeted sectors
  • Supporting national, regional bodies industry, associations and service providers to facilitate intra-regional trade of agricultural commodities and economic integration;
  • facilitating improved private sector export competitiveness in key value chains (agribusiness: maize, pulses, oilseeds; exports: food ingredients, processed foods, apparel, accessories, leather and footwear)
  • Expanding trade including increased utilization of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).
The Strategic Partnership Fund
In addition to providing technical assistance, the Trade and Investment Hub will award grants through the Strategic Partnership Fund to support interventions with matching funds that can catalyze rapid and inclusive growth in the Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub project, across all program components. 


Apply to the Strategic Partnership Fund today!

Send us a solution to increase trade and investment. We'll leverage the best ideas...

  • The Strategic Partnership Fund is now accepting applications through June 19, 2017.
  • Here is the complete description of the program.
  • We've organized information sessions across the region. See the schedule.
  • All of the information you need to complete an application is available here.

Did you come across the Gifted Citizen Award? It looks really interesting, and it's not too late to apply (April 20). I looked at the application form and it is quite simple, especially if your idea is already off the ground and could use a 100K injection.


More about the award here.


To go directly to the application page, click here.


It's part of "La Ciudad de las Ideas"!


AgriJoven Guatemala Agropecuaria Popoyan

Royal Consulting Services, Inc. (RCS) is a design/build firm dedicated to excellence in agricultural, environmental, and water resources engineering. RCS prides itself in being a full service consulting, engineering, and construction management firm, helping public and private clients improve infrastructure and the environment throughout United States and now days around the world.

We invite you to ask for our NEW service International Marketing where our team will research for you the opportunities you might have to enter into the market in the countries will be visiting soon ARGENTINA, PERU, USA, PHILIPPINES.

We will help you to:

  • Export counseling & advice
  • Maintaining a network of international offices
  • Providing international trade statistics, analyses of international trade trends and detailed import/export reports.
  • Liaison with state agencies as needed


We know that access to timely, context-specific data can have a real impact on farmers’ productivity and incomes. Getting insights from that data into the hands of the people who really need it, however, remains a challenge, especially in developing countries like Nepal. Through Digital Development for Feed the Future's Data-Driven Farming Prize, we’re calling upon problem-solving innovators to find tools and approaches that source, analyze, and translate data into action.  Up to $300,000 in prizes are available.  Applications will be accepted through April 6, 2017 and more details are available here.


Agora Partnerships launched a call for applications for its 2017 Accelerator program. This accelerator program focus’ on businesses that are contributing to a sustainable economy. If selected, Agora Partnerships provide entrepreneurs who are intentionally building businesses that solve social and environmental challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean with 4-month program designed to provide high-potential entrepreneurs with the knowledge, network and access to capital necessary to create system change. The accelerator offers in-depth, personalized, 1:1 consulting; access to the Agora Partnerships’ network of mentors, investors, and capital opportunities; and a global community of peers. Check it out: http://www.andeglobal.org/blogpost/920159/270253/Agora-Partnerships-Launches-Application-for-2017-Accelerator-Cycle-2-Class


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