The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer global targets for inclusive, sustainable development worldwide. They provide government donors, bilateral and multilateral organizations, large and small corporations, and civil society actors with a common set of targets to work toward. They also point towards financial opportunities that can contribute to the global good.

SDG #2 looks at how to end hunger, and, specifically, improve nutrition across the world's growing population. It is no small task, and requires a variety of interventions that build local food and market systems in ways that benefit the poorest of the poor. At Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation, two partners are specifically looking at how to advance commercial solutions to nutrition challenges.

Two partners – Flow Equity (EthioChicken) and Surehatch –  are working in the poultry sector to enable access to protein sources in smallholder communities. The solutions also contribute to the companies' business success so that their products and services remain available to smallholder farmers beyond the partnership period. Read how the two partnerships are sustainably making more protein available in smallholder communities in the attachment below.

Do you have questions or suggestions for how to make these partnerships even more nutritionally sensitive? Comment below!

Ethio Chicken Abhi Goyal Heinrich Hanekom Andrew Bracken