Private sector companies play a significant role in creating a food system that helps people access nutritious food, yet the connection between nutrition and commercial agriculture is rarely discussed. As sellers of food and the inputs that are used to grow food, companies can have a major impact on the availability and accessibility of nutritious food. It is therefore important for development practitioners working in agriculture, nutrition, and public private partnerships to understand how commercialization and nutrition can intersect, and how incorporating nutrition in public private partnerships can increase nutrition in vulnerable populations.


The attached overview demonstrates the important role the private sector can have in improving nutrition, using several examples from Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation, a USAID program that commercializes agricultural innovations in smallholder farmer markets. From improved poultry breeds to legume inoculants to orange-fleshed sweet potato snacks, Partnering for Innovation's partners are showing that nutrition and commercialization can be a great mix.


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