Check out what the Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation AgTech Team is reading at the start of 2017:


Impact Investing Zombie Funds: Dive into business basics for understanding the universe of impact investing and reflect on what model/s are working for your business or public private partnership project.


Rwanda Initiates Most Business Reforms: The World Bank's Doing Business Report’s 14th issue released in November shows that Rwanda rose up six positions to feature in the 56th position overall and second in Africa after Mauritius. What are the business reforms in Rwanda that are working to build an enabling environment? What good practices can be learned for other countries where your business or public private partnership program is working?

Growth trends in impact investing: The Global Impact Investing Network is talking about how capital leveraged for long-term solutions are pivoting towards alignment with the sustainable development goals (SDGs). How is your company or program contributing to the SDGs? How do you measure that contribution?

Audience as heroes?: When presenting or pitching, empowering the audience as hero turns them into active listeners. How can you empower audiences to believe in your agricultural innovation by casting them as heroes in your growth story?