Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation works with government donors and private sector companies to meet shared agricultural, development, and business goals in smallholder farmer markets. Data is a valuable source of understanding for both donors and private companies on how to focus activities and how to measure the effectiveness of activities.

For donors, data collection is focused on farmer outcomes in productivity, income, and other socio-economic goals. For businesses, data collection is focused on costs and sales. Partnering for Innovation, along with its private sector partners and USAID colleagues, is finding that both types of data collection can be helpful to both companies and donors. We are finding that data collection and analysis frameworks can be flexibly designed for understanding development impacts and for informing marketing.  


Though strides are being made (and have been shared here on the AgTechXChange!), fine-tuning is still needed in determining what kind of data is needed for showing impact and targeting marketing strategies though we are learning that the most efficient, low-cost data gathering and analysis solutions is an ongoing process as well. Partnering for Innovation is working to fill these gaps by examining:


  1. Current marketing and impact data being used to drive farmer uptake of innovative products and services.
  2. How the data is being used to analyze customer traits and preferences in order to inform company outreach, marketing, and sales strategies.
  3. How data is being used to measure development impact.
  4. What tools – including surveys – can be used to efficiently collect the most pertinent data for marketing and impact.


Examples of the kinds of questions we are asking include:

  • What metrics do you use to measure success in your business (i.e. volume of sales, value of sales, number of clients, number of branches, number of accounts/loans)?
  • How do you collect data on the business metrics mentioned above?
  • Are there any information gaps that would help your business grow?
  • If you are receiving government donor funding, how do you collect impact data?


We would love it if you or your company could take a few moments to fill out this questionnaire! Your feedback, along with feedback from other AgTechXChange members and Partnering for Innovation partners, will help shape our recommendations on data collection and analysis.