The AgTech Team is always keeping up to date with interesting agriculture and technology-related resources and news. Below are some articles that we are reading and talking about. Have one you want to share? Simply post to Connect! or reply to this post below.


Measuring the impact of initiatives focused on smallholder farmers: Check out successful examples of tracking smallholder impact from the Grow Africa working group to help you better report and market how your company is beneficially impacting smallholder farmers.

Better Business. Better World.: If you aren’t familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals but you are working in emerging markets, this primer makes clear the connections between how businesses can profit while they contribute to the sustainable development goals.


Developing a Mobile Client Facing Interface: Musoni and Grameen Foundation are finding success in making loans profitable for farmers and the Musoni loan portfolio. Check out details about how to get inspired on ways for breaking into smallholder markets.


AgFunder News: This outlet always has great news about agriculture, technology, and investment. Check out their latest round-up of news from Latin America.


Global Accelerator Survey: Did you know that 70 percent of respondents to a recent GALI (Global Accelerator Learning Initiative) survey operate in emerging markets? To find an accelerator near you, or to better understand how an accelerator can help grow your business, check it out! While you are at it, consider applying for a SOCAP scholarship, where you meet entrepreneurs, funders, and businesses of all sorts who are making ‘doing good’ their business.