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Driptech is an international water technologies company based in Silicon Valley, with offices in Pune, India. Through its proprietary, widely-deployable manufacturing systems, Driptech produces affordable, high-quality irrigation systems designed for small-plot farmers. The company distributes its products through local input supply shops, governments, corporate partners, and nongovernmental organizations.



Founded in 2010, the key to Driptech's success is the use of a new, low-cost plastic tape, and the fact that it delivers uniform water flow using a patented laser hole-punching process. Its products are specifically designed for low water pressure and do not require the complex drip irrigation emitters, which are expensive and often get clogged.

Driptech has begun working with two distributors, Champion Agro and The Global Green Company, and a network of 250 independent dealers to reach some of the estimated 600 million smallholders in the Indian market.

"Ninety percent of the world's farmers are small plot, meaning they work on five acres or less. Drip irrigation, which already existed, is the best solution, but everything on the market was too expensive," said Driptech founder Peter Frykman in a recent article in Forbes Magazine.

"In designing for emerging markets, you have to be excruciatingly sparse," he added. Thus, Driptech's mantra is "radical affordability."