The Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) bags provide small-scale hermetic grain storage to reduce postharvest pest damage. Made of two high-density polyethylene inner bags that fit inside one woven polypropylene bag, small-scale famers can use PICS bags to store either a few kilograms or a full 50 or 100 kilograms. Purdue and its partners have sold more than 1.75 million bags in West Africa in the last five years in 10 different countries. Now, a grant from Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation is helping Purdue introduce the PICS bag into a new market, Kenya. The grant supports Kenyan village demonstrations and the development of a commercial distribution and retail network to ensure that access to the technology is widely available for farmer purchase. A local partner, Bell Industry Ltd., will provide market access. The goal is to increase smallholder grain producers' access and adoption of PICS bags to reduce postharvest losses, increase their ability to store grain for household food security, and give farmers the option to delay grain marketing to capture increased commodity prices between harvest seasons. Purdue University will provide market development and capacity building services to Bell Industries Ltd.; conduct village and market demonstrations; implement a strategic marketing campaign; and develop a commercial distribution and retail network. Purdue will also conduct a market assessment that includes gender data to tailor the marketing strategy to reach women. Finally, Purdue and Bell will create a three-year business plan to identify what Bell Industries can achieve with the PICS business line over the period and identify investments and strategies to optimize manufacturing, operations, marketing, and distribution of PICS bags in Kenya.