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Striga, commonly known as witchweed, is a parasitic plant that requires a living host for germination and early development. Maize, the staple food for the majority of East Africans, is particularly susceptible to Striga, which continuous cereal monocropping has intensified. Severe Striga infestations can cause between 20 and 80 percent crop loss, causing farmers to abandon land with heavy Striga infestation. StrigAway™ - an IR-maize technology package - is comprised of conventionally bred herbicide resistant maize varieties and Imazapyr seed treatment, an herbicide seed coating. With a grant from Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation, The African Agricultural Technology Foundation is working with partners including BASF, CIMMYT, and six seed companies to bring StrigAway to more than 20,000 smallholders in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, where Striga affects approximately 1.4 million hectares of land. To accomplish this, they are providing technical support for local seed companies to ensure that the seed is properly treated and made widely available for purchase.