maize.jpgMaize is a crop that is cultivated in nearly all the countries in Africa. It is one of the staple food in many homes across the continent. In the traditional African society, this crop can be prepared and eaten by boiling, roasting and by grinding and cooking it with vegetables.

But apart from this, this crop has many other uses that the traditional rural farmers are yet to explore and exploit. Lack of knowledge of the many other uses have caused incredible loses to local farmers as they are unable to store this crop for a long time thus discouraging mass cultivation. I do not even recommend long storage period for this crop as it tends to lose its nutritional value when stored for a long time.

It is rather recommended that the crop be processed into other finished products that can be used at homes and industries. Such products among others includes;- pap, infant formula, starch, maltose/glucose, flour, noodles, biscuits, animal feeds, fertilizer, ethanol, etc.

With innovative modern technology, every part of this crop including the leaves and stems are money spinners. A medium scale processing plants in farming communities where this crops are grown can stimulate economic revolution in the area yielding prosperity to the community and arresting extreme poverty, hunger and unemployment.

We will like to partner with farmers, investors, international donors, etc to bring this technology to the rural farmers communities in Africa.

Interested persons and organizations can contact me on or for details and modalities.