What if you were tasked with managing the compliance of over 2200 farmers who grow more than 16 different products with 5 different certification standards on 2,230 ha of certified organic farmland? 

Group Integrity is thrilled to welcome PDS Organic Spices as a new client. We are honored to provide the software solution for PDS' Internal Control System and the customer support PDS' certification officers need to ensure the quality and integrity that their clients expect from India's Topmost Exporter of Organic Spices.

PDS Organic Spices is a unit of Peermade Development Society (PDS), one of the largest NGOs in South India. PDS' goal is to help those marginalized by society improve their livelihoods by giving them the building blocks and support they need to do this. PDS Organic Spices has its own processing facility and exports pepper, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and vanilla, among other spices, to a wide variety of countries. Find out more about PDS Organic Spices here.