The big challenges of working or getting things done in Africa are, the slow process of getting things done and the corruption.  All American firms who are trying to accomplish their contractual responsibilities through the local subcontractors, have to go through double challenges because of not knowing the people's mentality and the culture. 


Being originally from Africa and working for USAID in East Africa, managing acquisition/contracts and also working as a trainer/consultant for the last 4 years, after a lengthy research, I  discovered the core problems of the major hindrances that hold African countries from growing as fast as expected and invested/aided.  The people's level of consciousness is not at the expected level, their upbringing, economic crises and cultural barriers made them think differently.  All they want to focus is not on the quality of work they do or how they can make a difference through hard work, to make their country grow rather, how they can get fast money and be better than their neighbors, relatives and co-workers by stepping on the moral principles and the proper life guidance that normal civilized nation abide by.


I wanted to do something about it before I came back to USA after I finished my term with USAID.  I opened a training center to teach how to make the better citizens by changing their mentality from negative thinking to positive, the value of hard work, the advantages of building moral principles, ethics and guidance in their lives, the disadvantages of being negative and emotional driven words and actions,  how they damage themselves by hurting and taking advantage of their own people and those who are striving to help them and make a difference in their own country. 


My training was tailored based on their upbringing, cultural sensitivity and way of thinking.  My training manual is built from all kinds of teachings I acquired through the books I read throughout my life; Don Carnegie, "How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Power of Positive Thinking, How to Enjoy Your life and Your Job, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living", Paulo Coelho's, "The Alchamist", Eckhart Tolle's, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose and The Power of Now", Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreement", Daniel Goldman's Emotional Intelligence", Tom Stone's, "Human Software Engineering" etc.  I trained about 8-10, 000 employees of different organizations.  The change was amazing and revolutionary but, I could not expand due to lack of funds and also the situation there became unstable but, my students' demand was to give the training throughout the nation of Africa through talk show, radio and audio.


What I want is, to change peoples mentality to focus on their own well being and the growth of their country vs hindering, disturbing, unhealthy way of thinking.  The training manual I prepared and the way I trained them was highly admired by all the organizations I gave training too and by my students because I lived by it and gave them my personal stories. 


The problem is not only in Africa, it is around the world, I just want to start from Africa to make a major difference and eventually partner with different organizations here in USA and around the world to make a revolutionary mental/way of thinking change to save people from depression, anxiety, different other kinds of disorders, obesity, killings, civil war, etc. to make them start living today not fight for tomorrow which is not theirs.


In order for me to move forward with my passion of making a difference, I need grant, fund and build a strong team and train them teach to reach as many people as possible.  It is my deepest wish for people to come forward and say "I am willing to help to change the world, let us team up and make a difference to stop all the problems around the world starting from home".     Terri Kirubel