Solutions is an award winning IT consulting company, based in Haiti, specialized in custom software development and business process improvement in vertical segments such as public health monitoring and evaluation, municipal management and traceability for key export crops in Haiti.

Solutions’ team is a staff of more than 40 experienced IT consultants, engineers, and technicians who put their problem-solving skills, their knowledge, their enthusiasm and their experience to work for our clients. Our standards cover the industry best practices and knowledge and are based on a strong sense of ethic and up above all an enthusiastic sense of empathy.


The company started developing mobile traceability systems for coffee cooperatives in 2007 in partnership with the University of Nice Sofia Antipolis and later expanded the platform to other products while including scalable functionalities for monitoring and evaluation and Phytosanitary Surveillance.

Our Agro-Tracking platform also includes components for farmer registration, fruit fly surveillance, mobile transaction management, operations registration, and quarantine management.


Our vision is to develop inclusive and intuitive tools to empower small farmers and to improve agriculture value chain resilience and efficiency


The recently signed collaboration with Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation will secure our strategy, with our partner GEONOVA, specialized in agricultural value chain improvement, to scale-up the deployment of our tools to the main production areas as we target more than 10000 new small farmers and a significant portion of the mango export from Haiti to comply with expected new FSMA regulations.