Palm wine.jpgThis is palm wine, an alcoholic beverage derived from palm trees. This product is in abundant supply in the southern part of Nigeria especially in the Niger Delta region and some parts of Cameroon. Youth excessive indulgence in this product because of its taste and consequent intoxication contributes also to the high rate of youth restiveness and social vices  within this region. This is made possible because this product have been grossly under utilized to maximize its value. In fact, the only use of this product in southern Nigeria is for people to get drunk with it. Apart from this, no other value is attached or derived from it.

With the processing plant shown below, this product which is currently a major contributing factor of restiveness and social vices within the region can be used positively in enhancing life and the environment by processing it into fuel for use in homes, cars, engines and industries.

Governments, companies and investors can make huge profit by investing in this bio-fuel as well as contributes in saving our environment since this fuel is environmentally friendly.

Funding of this project is welcomed.

Ethanol fuel plant 1.jpg

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