We are a group of young people and women that is intending to start agribusiness investments as one of the solutions to alleviate poverty and empower the youth within our community. We have got various projects but we intend to start with mushroom production and offer mushroom training within our community. We are therefore looking for partners or investors or mentors who will provide us with funds or advice to facilitate the establishment of the project. Currently production is being done informally at a very small scale so we would like to involve a bigger of number of participants especially from the youth and the girl child in the community.

Due to capital constrains and high levels of poverty and high unemploymènt rates the community came up with a business proposal to produce mushroom for the local markets and also for the international markets. Mushroom production can easily be undertaken by anyone and it relatively requires little capital to start unlike other businesses. We intend to start mushroom production on a small scale basis which we will continuously grow and involvê all  youth and women.

The target is to involve at least one member per household in the project until we are able to produce relatively huge tonnage of mushroom over 20 tonnes per year targeting revenue in excess of $200 000 per year. The project will extensively focus on the production of  Oyster Mushroom and Button Mushroom however we will also focus on other mushroom species that might do well in Zimbabwe in the future, which will include (these species have already been introduced in the country although at a minimal level) Siitake (Lentinula Edodes), King Oyster, Gelden Oyster,  Hericiu Erinaceus, Auricularia and Volyariela Volvacea.

The community will be divided into groups (for easy assessments and evaluations) and each individual group will target an annual production of approximately 5000kgs per year which should translate into revenue in excess of $30 000 in the short term and target revenue in excess of $200 000 in the long. Due to capital challenges that is facing most individuals in Zimbabwe we are seeing the project as a simple strategy in the community to improve familly wellbeing and empower the girlchild and the youth.

We have also realised that there are various websites that provide cover on information communication and technology but there is not even a single website that is dedicated on providing agribusiness information in Zimbabwe. We are  therefore looking foward to estàblish a website that will be used as an awareness tool about our project and the website will also cover other agribusiness activitises and programmes nationwide. The website will also cover other world wide agrobasẽd programmes like AgTechXchange so we intend to create it as hub for agribusiness activities in Zimbabwe. We will also utilised mobile apps like whatsApp and facebook to increase awareness on our programme and other agribusiness activitiês that are happenning nationwide and worldwide.

For more details please feel free to contact on  romechongore@gmail.com or sênd a messege on whatsApp on +263774649089