No Pain with CoolBot, just gain.

Success stories of early adopters

A local producer from the eastern Honduran city of Danlí took his vegetable crop to the collection center three hours away from his farm; it took him a 48-hour time window to collect, pack, and send the product to its final destination. It would have been a normal harvest deal if it wasn’t for the news he was about to receive: $2,500 worth of product was damaged and did not pass the inspection for sale so it was turned down. That was supposed to be his profit from that harvest. For a $3,500 one-time investment we could have offered him a cold room big enough for his crops.

On the other hand, those smallholder farmers and small businesses that have converted to CoolBot are sharing how the quality of their products has improved and boasting how the operating cost to achieve that improvement is very low. COPRAUL, an Ocotepeque collection center for more than 45 local farmers, is the perfect example of the gain made possible by CoolBot. Before, they used to load trucks in the evening and send them at night to Walmart’s collection center in Tegucigalpa. The skin of some of the vegetables showed some damage because they were harvested and put into baskets at room temperature and put in coolers until arrival at the collection center. This resulted naturally in damaged product sent back, and that translated to losses.

Now, equipped with a 20-foot CoolBot cold room and better storing practices, even the staff at Walmart, who purchase COPRAUL’s produce, have pointed out a significant improvement on the skin of green peppers, radishes, and carrots, and healthier cilantro leaves. Storing crops in a cold room right after being picked from the field has improved quality and better margins are now achieved.

Luis Acosta, from accounting, has pointed out how the electric bill has come down since Super Mercado El Colonial, a San Pedro Sula-based supermarket chain, has converted to CoolBot. Along with the savings on the electric bill, he’s amazed with the simplicity of maintaining the equipment and praises the easy conversion process. A commercial rate is applied to an electric bill to businesses using industrial cooling units and consumption can generate a monthly bill oscillating from $400 to $500. With a household mini split A/C unit, the rate applied is residential and consumption is about $200 per month.

David Tábora is one of the very early adopters of the CoolBot technology in the country. Finding himself in need of a cold room for his dairy operation and not having the capital to cover industrial cooling equipment, with can cost $30,000 for a comprehensive solution, searched for a more affordable yet functional option and found out about CoolBot. In his testimonial, he emphasizes how easy is for a “regular guy” to operate CoolBot. In fact, he states that anyone can set up and run a CoolBot cold room, and challenges people to lose their fear of handling setup and maintenance, instead of spending large amounts of money to hire qualified manpower to run, diagnose, and repair cooling units that require high voltage and a lot of moving parts.

There is no pain associated to CoolBot, just gain. Our customers are witnesses and promoters of these gains, such as the accessible pricing on the cooling equipment, the savings every month on their electric bill, and how easy it is to operate, and low maintenance required by a CoolBot system. And gross margins are looking better now, much better than ever.