Palm Fruits.jpgPalm fruits are very common across the West African region, Malaysia, Indonesia and some Latin American region.

Its economic benefits and uses are enormous.

From this wonder fruits quite a number of economic products can be produced among which includes: cooking oil (red oil), vegetable oil, biodiesel, margarine,soap, detergent,animal feeds, organic fertilizers, etc. From its trunk palm wine can be extracted which can be further processed into ethanol, fuel, glucose syrup, gin, etc.

Lack of access to modern technology in West Africa has inhibited many farmers of this crop from exploiting the massive economic benefits that this crop yields. Over 95 percent of farmers in West Africa are still employing crude and archaic method in processing this fruit with a very limited end products. The process is characterized by heavy post harvest losses and stress by reason of the poor technology.

We are willing to partner with governments, companies, businessmen, farmers and individuals by bringing modern technology for massive commercial exploitation of this rich crop.

In subsequent posts, I will deal more extensively on the palm fruits processing plants and equipment as well as the end products.

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