I would have moved one more step ahead if I had funds to carry out practical demonstrations.A turbine generator can harness the power of free moving water around your farm to profuce "green electricity".This can provide both lighting and heating for the farm as desired. This energy could also be used to power processing machines around the farm to prevent post-harvest loss, and reduce cost of transportation. I want to experiment converting a pump motor to a generator, I must first purchase the pump($1000) and a motor to drive it($1000) at required speed. If successful then I would try connecting it to the turbine shown in the link below. I shall measure the power of the flowing water.

This renewable energy device can produce up to 10HP of electricity depending on the power of the water. See the demonstration here: February 17, 2017 - YouTube

You may also see the document here.

Turbine assembly drawing mine.pdf - Google Drive