As I read buzz words like "potential synergies" and "merging multiple objectives" in global agricultural articles that address climate change, feeding the world, and improving lives for the rural poor--those phrases mean very little to me...what resonates is results--and carbon farming leaders like Mike Hands and Eric Toensmeier have simple, ecoforestry solutions--real solutions...if anyone will take the time to look or listen for just a minute.

For the entire tropics, the answer is Inga alley-cropping based on Mike Hands' proven research, trial farms, and now successful models of over 240+ families in Honduras who have food security and organic cash crops. This revolutionary agrocultural system is bottom-up, available now, low-cost, stabilizes and improves soil...but best if all is is sustainable and stops slash and burn which protects rainforests and wildlife.It transforms lives and regenerates land within 2 years, yet it is overlooked. Fortunately, MIT just last month selected Mike Hands Founder of the Inga Foundation as one of their 6 world-wide SOLVERS for Carbon Reduction 2017 Competition, recognizing the planet-changing potential of the scaling up of Inga alley cropping.
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James Potter