In the Indian Agricultural scene, small and marginal farmers from a large chunk. Nearly 65% of the population of 1.3 billion people, who are farmers depend on agriculture as their primary source of income. Of these, over 95% are small and marginal farmers who have less than a hectare of lands are called as small and marginal.

Their lives are in misery. Suicide is rampant. Many initiatives by Government and the NGOs do not reach them. Their lands are fragmented, they are in perpetual debt, they cannot buy good seeds and they cannot market their produce to make some money.

Looking at these, we a group of professionals have convinced villagers in South India, to pool their lands and let professionals and business manager take charge of agricultural operations. This will be an inclusive participation. We will engage farmers as workmen and pay them round the year wages. This will immediately pull them out of penury. Some of the farmers with an initutive mind will be a part of the Team that will take charge of planning, cultivating, harvesting and marketing to realise good revenue. The extent of land is 250 acres. People here are so impoverished that they sell their trees, live-stocks to get some money.

On the above basis, we have developed a viable Business Plan, a Technical Plan and Financial Plan. The project outlay is $300,000. This is a type that has not been attempted so far in India and hence an innovative idea. Once successful, it can fuel much more such prospects. We are looking for debt funds with a coupon rate of 6 % p.a repayable in 3 years. You can contact the email id; ( Visit website: