This article in the Washington Post describes the efforts underway to transform the way food is produced so that we will be able to feed the growing and more affluent world population. An elite team of 13 scientists and eight staff have been assembled by the National Academy of Science to conduct a year long study to recommend gamechanging ideas for producing more and safer food. The study is called Science Breakthroughs 2030: A Strategy for Food and Agriculture Research with the goal "to develop a compelling scientific strategy for food and agricultural research for the next decade and beyond that would stimulate transformational change in the food and agricultural system by catalyzing new research directions and partnerships, attracting new research talent, stimulating entrepreneurial activities, increasing funding opportunities, and ultimately opening new paths to a safe, healthful, and sustainable supply of food and fiber." On their website you are able to contribute opinions and ideas that the panel will consider in developing its here is your chance to potentially impact where ag R&D and commercialization strategies and funding need to go. What moonshot ideas do you have that may make a differnce?