Waste management have recently become a major challenge in many urban towns in Africa. It is common to see household wastes dumped inside gutters, natural water ways, streets, etc. This no doubt constitutes serious set back on the management of the environment with attendant negative consequences which among others includes flooding, street littering, offensive odour, etc.. Most rural farmers in Africa are still practicing bush burning after clearing for farming because of lack of ways of disposing the excess farm refuse. The excessive carbon dioxide so released into the atmosphere  in the cause of this bush burning is also creating some challenges to the ozone layer and the environment.

These wastes from every household, offices, farms and the entire environs can through the plant shown above be processed into organic fertilizer pellets as shown below for use by farmers.

organic fertilizer pellet.jpgIn doing this, we don't only help in sustaining a clean green environment but also making fertilizer input available to farmers for increased yields.

We offer to partner with governments, investors, international donors, NGOs, individuals, etc in bringing this technology to bear for the benefit of our environment and farmers.

Interested persons and organizations can reach me on: gloryarenaexcellentmen@yahoo.com or emmanueludomisor@yahoo.com for a more detailed discussions on this.

Thank you.