This report about impact investing in West Africa may be helpful to members. It is from 2015 but provides a solid overview. The report includes the following:


1. “Overview” provides a high-level outline of the political, economic, and investment climate of the region or country.


2. “Supply” outlines findings related to the volume of impact investing capital deployed to date—broken down by sector, instrument, and deal size. It describes the key barriers and opportunities identified by impact investors interviewed for this study and outlines impact measurement and reporting practices.


3. “Demand” describes the characteristics of impact investment recipients, as well as their needs for, and the perceived barriers to, accessing capital.


4. “Ecosystem” describes the regulatory environment for impact investing and the key actors involved in enterprise and investor support.


This report is the in a series of regional market landscaping studies published by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) that seek to address the lack of data available on impact investing in emerging economies. The first such report focused on South Asia, the second examined East Africa, while a forthcoming report will examine Southern Africa.