This interesting article by Jim Budzynski of MacroGrain Partners presents a good summary of the trends in ag investing in the past decade. He briefly discusses four categories of ag investors: institutional, venture capital, private equity and strategics, and argues that although there has been significant investment play in agriculture from each, that none represent the ideal model because what agtech companies need are investments with  atl least 10-year investing horizons, low debt leverage, a build and hold model, and a focus on value creation not build-to-sell. He is looking, and I suggest that he wander over to the social capital space which has investors with social impact goals and more long-term outlooks for their portfolios. The challenge is to match the agtech with the objectives of the social impact fund, such as improving climate resilience or lessening the impact of ag on water or land use. Partnering for Innovation will be visiting SOCAP 2017 with four of our partners this year, looking for interested investors. Jim, why don't you join us?