Borana Livestock Resource Management undertakes management of livestock and related tasks that add resilience of pastoralists and empower lives of people connected to it.

Tasks include:

1. Supply of improved live weight of the mature animals performance via feedlot fattening scheme by feeding animals strategically throughout the year that improves the demand of beef suppliers during the off-peak seasons.

2. Production and supply of improved and economized feed to support pastoralists during chronic shortage of fodder due either to the seasonality in the availability thereof and the poorly developed animal feed conservation method for use during lean years. The feed ration is formulated from agro-industrial by-products and locally available fodders harvested at early stages of growth that have high digestible crude nutrients, and integrated with EM Technology.

3. Processing and supply of high-quality dairy products to meet a growing demand resulted from rapidly increasing population size with a growing population.

Anchored by loyal employees and grounded in the philosophy that honesty and integrity are as important as the bottom line, the company builds the ability to evolve in consistently meeting market requirements of its products that actively demand a social and ethical obligation to customers, communities and government to continually deliver improvements to environmental, animal welfare and food safety practices, and to maintain the confidence of these key stakeholders.