Bio diesel production line.jpgThis plant processes red palm oil into bio-diesel.

Palm trees are very useful economic trees of which its various component/parts can be processed into various useful end products and raw materials for homes and other industries. Premium motor spirit can also be processed from wine tapped from palm trees too.

Palm trees are common economic trees found in West Africa and some parts of Asia. In Africa, not much have been done to maximize the economic benefits of this crop. Every component parts of this crop are useful for further production of goods and raw materials. Cultivation and processing technology by smallholder farmers still remain at a very crude and primitive level thus depriving them of the chances of maximizing its benefits.There are quite a lot to be derived from palm trees if investors can look into the funding of processing and cultivation of this crop.

We are ready to partner with individuals, organizations, governments, donor agencies, etc in bringing in modern innovations in the processing of palm trees products into various finished products for homes and raw materials for industries.

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