SAFE Environmental Protection Service (SAFE) undertakes activities connected with Water, Energy, Agriculture and Gas in partnership with participants working to the achievement of Sustainable Development in Borana pastoral lowlands where problem of food security is often highly localized.

Besides developmental needs and social concerns, SAFE reviews projects in the context of current discussions on global warming, giving careful consideration to environmental concerns.

SAFE practices waste management via storing waste until it can be safely and effectively used, reducing the strength of the waste, and safely recycling waste materials where through innovative approaches the community both achieves greater environmental awareness and takes to discover the wide possibility of use of wastes by changing the negative view of the trash to something useful.

Plastics play an important role in almost every aspect of our lives however, the widespread use of plastics demands proper end of life management. Due to drinking water problem in Borana pastoral areas, dwellers and travelers in the region use packed water disposing post-consumer plastic bottles unsafely everywhere resulting pasture landfill by discarded plastic bottles.

SAFE inspired in simple design solution, plastic bottle buildings to establish Ecological Community-based Multiservice Library that serve as landmarks in the Borana pastoral areas connecting people, ideas and resources.