1 Week, 2 International Agricultural Conferences delivering TOP LEVEL information on the latest technologies

New Ag International will host in Kenya, from Monday 19 - Friday 23rd March 2018, two international conferences covering the world of High Tech Agriculture, covering in depth:

• Biological Control
• Speciality Plant Nutrition
• Irrigation and Fertigation
• Greenhouse Technology
• Precision Agriculture
• Biostimulants and Biofertilizers


The conferences will feature speakers from academic, government and industry circles, whose aim will be to promote products and technologies that fit African conditions.


Presenters will speak about the currently available solutions, as well as sustainable and precise agriculture (including Precision Ag solutions that are being implemented in other places around the word for small holders). These innovative solutions could also help Africa to advance quickly, building capability from scratch right now, on logistics, infrastructure, government support, knowledge transfer and trading platform, etc.