Irrigation and renewable energy generation duality System

This technology can pump water from low lands to high lands. It is particularly useful in the grass land regions of Cameroon where nomadic herding is an economic activity of some people especially the Fulani. The cattle feed on grass on the hills during the raining season. But during the dry season, there is no fresh grass on the hills and the cattle do not eat hair. The cattle usually lost a lot of weight, causing their prices to drop and leading to nomads moving with the cattle day long in the valleys searching for fresh grass. This also leads to the destruction of crops in the valleys which the cattle feed on causing hardship to the farmers.

The irrigation pump can be powered by the moving water in the valley itself, no electrical energy is needed to power the pump to send the water up the hills.

A small damp is constructed in the valleys where water shall be stored, this stored water has potential energy. It is then release through an orifice connected to capillary tubes where it can move up the hill and irrigate grass for the cattle during the dry season.

During the rainy season the capillary tubes are disconnected and the system connected to an impulse/reaction hydroelectric generator to generate electricity for the farm.

This innovative device can harness free energy in the moving water from to generate electricity. The “green electricity” produce is of low cost and very reliable. The main environmental benefit of this generator is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution from fossil fuels. This includes kerosene for lighting, diesel or petrol for running machinery and fossil fuels for generating electricity.

The system can support small businesses such as food processing machines like crushers for cassava and oil palm. It provides new education, leisure and livelihood opportunities to a remote community.                                                                                                                                           

Unlike the intermittent power from wind or solar systems Solar systems although simpler to manage provide less power and are too expensive. This power device can work night and day from year-round streams.