Do you know that you can turn those wastes around you into wealth? Every community whether rural or urban generates quite a lot of wastes daily from homes, offices and farms.

Instead of allowing these wastes to constitute a challenge to our environment, it can be converted into organic fertilizer pellets for use in farms. The beautiful thing is that these wastes are gotten almost free and in fact in some communities, the people will even show gratitude for helping them evacuate the rubbish off their environment. You can convert this opportunity in your environment into money spinner -  wastes to wealth.

Apart from this, recent studies indicates that toxins found in inorganic or chemical fertilizers finds its way into the final produce from crops and poses serious threats to human health when consumed as food. Most processing factories in developed countries prefers organic produce as raw materials for their factories. Therefore in producing organic fertilizer pellets for farmers, you are not only helping in bringing about a clean green environment, you are also promoting healthy and safe produce for consumption while at the same time smiling to your bank.

The above plant can process different types of home, office and farm wastes into organic fertilizer pellets.


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