In Africa and most of the third world countries, smallholder farmers contributes over seventy percent of the local food need of the country yet still remain at the peasant level. The various home government apart from the usual rhetoric of words have not done anything to add value or ameliorate the stress they go through to feed the teeming population.

The future of Africa and indeed the third world is in agriculture and therefore a concrete and concerted arrangement to help and support smallholder farmers should be put in place considering their economic and social importance to the nations.

One of these arrangement is the provision of ready markets for them to sell their produce by encouraging the establishment of processing factories. By putting processing factories in place, the smallholder farmer does not only have access to a ready market for his produce but other areas of challenge such as post harvest loss/wastes, storage, etc are addressed. The farmer will also be encouraged to produce more thus leading to food surplus/sufficiency. The local economy will as well be boosted by the activities of the processing factories thus leading to employment generation, minimal crime and social vices that are common in poverty stricken communities.

It is strongly recommended to governments, donor agencies, organizations, individuals, etc that is considering assistance to smallholder farmers to look at this direction also.

We offer to bring our wealth of experience in agricultural produce Processing to bear in helping out.


Thank you.