• Here's an innovative and sustainable agribusiness idea

    A Forest Garden is a locally-appropriate, multi-layered system of farm production.  It combines diverse varieties of crops and trees that enable families to fulfill their subsistence needs and access new market o...
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  • Call for applications: Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture, June 19-29, 2018

    Download the 2018 Executive Training Brochure here. The application is available here. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis; the final application deadline is March 31, 2018. Applicants are strongly encour...
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  • Farmer sucess

      Mr. Manuel Alberto Quente is one of most representative members of COPAZA, (Cooperativa dos Produtores da Alta Zambézia), a local farmer cooperative, who owns 20% of Sociedade de Beneficiamento de Semente...
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  • World Food Day 2017 SDG2: Zero Hunger Changing the future of migration, Invest in Food Security and rural Development

    If women had the same access to productivity as men they could increase yields in their fields by 20-30%. This alone would raise total agricultural output in developing countries (Nigeria included) by 2.5-4%, which wo...
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    I am Sgt willams Allette Business Consultant for any kindly of Investment , my work is to provide a Investors or Loan  Company for People   We want you to Partner with any of Investors or Loan Company but ...
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  • World Food Day 2017 SDG2: Zero Hunger  Changing the future of migration, Invest in Food Security and rural Development  Food Security; The place of Teenagers

    The average farming age in Nigeria is between 61 and 65years and the average age is 24 years . Our visit to St Mulumba Catholic College in Ile-ife an ancienty city where most household have in recent times practiced f...
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  • Need Partnership

    How does Borana Livestock Resource Management LTD, Ethiopia able to partner with Impact Investors to expand the businesses to large scale and link to market opportunities wordwide for the supply of Organic products? &...
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  • Nigeria: Results of a smallholder segmentation survey

    Hello! Here is a great article about a segmentation survey of smallholder farmers in Nigeria: http://www.cgap.org/publications/national-survey-and-segmentation-smallholder-households-nigeria?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3A&he...
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  • Youth Agric Festival on Agribusiness

    The YFarm Youth Agric Festival was organised to promote youth agric enterprises, build capacities of young people in the agric sector and engage with relevant stakeholders. The organizers goal was to promote a youth-l...
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  • This is our blog for local entrepreneurs producing locally

    Hello,   *     http://www.madein243.wordpress.com/   And this is our website, soon to be up and running   *     manitechcongo.com
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  • JSW The Times India Earth Care Award 2016

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  • Access Agriculture Documentary 2017

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  • Practical Action Supporters update-2017

    https://practicalaction.org/support/pumpkins      2. https://practicalaction.org/pumpkins-against-poverty
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  • A Sandbar Covered in Pumpkins Helped Bring Me to BCG by Mr. Chris Holmes, former Head of Global water and Deputy of USAID. Senior Advisor of BCG.

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  • A Small Dream is Now a Big Dream

    It is a success story of highly underdeveloped communities in NW Bangladesh and their Story of change by the way of technology and transitional lands i.e. sandy river basin.     A Small Dream is Now A Big ...
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  • Teenage Enlightenment

    How do we as young agroprocessing and farming advocates get teens to choose agric related careers. lots of teenagers dont see the beauty in agriculture. based on happenings in your vicinity how do you suggest their at...
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  • Technology Assessment Toolkit for Gender and Food Security Outcomes

    The “Assessing how Agricultural Technologies can change Gender Dynamics and Food Security Outcomes” toolkit describes an analytical process to understand the potential gender-related and nutritional impact...
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    FI.MO.AT-C.I.G ENGAGES IN COCOA BEAN EXPORT AND LOOKS FOR PARTNERS ABROAD TO SELL ITS PRODUCTS. The most important Cameroon cash crop cocoa, is grown in central and southern regions, as well as in the South west re...
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  • Palm Fruits Processing

    Palm fruits are very common across the West African region, Malaysia, Indonesia and some Latin American region. Its economic benefits and uses are enormous. From this wonder fruits quite a number of economic product...
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  • Geosolutions: Facilitating Development Analysis

    By Daniela Martínez Berríos, Knowledge Exchange Intern, Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation. Geographic information software is revolutionizing the business and development world. Geospatial tec...
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