• Seeking for partners and mentors

    We are a group of young people and women that is intending to start agribusiness investments as one of the solutions to alleviate poverty and empower the youth within our community. We have got various projects but we...
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  • Human urine better than fertilizer - Experts

    Human urine better than fertiliser, expert saysJuly 8, 2017Agency Report Fertiliser bags   An environmental engineer, Isaac Bryant, on Saturday urged the conversion of human urine into fertiliser and other p...
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    Waste management have recently become a major challenge in many urban towns in Africa. It is common to see household wastes dumped inside gutters, natural water ways, streets, etc. This no doubt constitutes serious se...
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  • "Africa is wasting vast amounts of money and resources by underrating its agriculture sector"

    That's a quote from Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank.  Check out his well-written article Using Agriculture and Agribusiness to Bring About Industrialisation in Africa | Inter Press Ser...
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  • Success Story- High quality, local seeds in Zambezia, Mozambique

    Sociedade de Beneficiamento de Sementes (SBS) is a seed processing company set up in the Zambezia region of Mozambique with the aim of producing low cost, high quality seeds for the local market. With higher quality s...
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  • Success Story- Seed sales in Zambezia, Mozambique

    Until a few years ago, farmers in Mozambique had limited options for purchasing improved seeds. Without locally produced varieties, they were dependent on large multinational seed companies, who often did not have sto...
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  • The "Business" Part of Agribusiness

    Are you an agripreneur in a developing country who needs help with the business side of your agribusiness?  Or perhaps you're part of an organization, company, or agency that supports agribusinesses and would lik...
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    This is palm wine, an alcoholic beverage derived from palm trees. This product is in abundant supply in the southern part of Nigeria especially in the Niger Delta region and some parts of Cameroon. Youth excessive ind...
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  • The Digis Awards are coming!

    The Digital Development Awards (The Digis) fund that recognizes USAID projects and activities that embrace best practices in the application and utilization of digital technologies and data-driven approaches to achiev...
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  • ICT4Ag 2017

    This one-day conference will build on ICTforAg 2015 and 2016, bringing together 300 thought leaders and decision-makers in agriculture and technology from the international development community and the private sector...
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  • SEEDS Success Story: Agrodealer Amilcar Dalton

    Due to their small farm sizes, price sensitivity, and limited uptake of improved seeds and inputs, the smallholder market segment has been largely ignored in recent years, with seed companies preferring to focus on th...
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  • I am the driver of my own destiny - Célia Hortense Marlin Ribeiro

    An excerpt from the experience of Ms Célia Hortense Marlin Ribeiro, one of the successful entrepreneurs, created under 3I - Farmers Empowerment Hub program, funded by Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation in ...
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  • Discounts available: UC Berkeley Conference on Agrifood Supply Chains - April 18 - 20, 2017

    Hello! UC Berkeley is organizing a conference on Strategic Perspectives on Innovation in Agrifood Supply Chains: Profitability, Sustainability and Global Change from April 18 - 20, 2017, in Berkeley.   The progr...
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  • “Hub and Spoke” Model Works to Increase Incomes Across the Region

    Only around 5% of smallholder farmers in Mozambique use certified seed. One of the reasons for this is a lack of access: on average, farmers must travel around 80km to the nearest store selling certified seed - that&#...
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  • Digital Financial Services

    Digital Development for Feed the Future has just released an interactive online resource to complement The Guide to the Use of Digital Financial Services in Agriculture. The online resource serves as an interactive, s...
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  • Solving World Hunger: The Complexity of Simple Solutions.pdf

    Solving World Hunger: The Complexity of Simple Solutions - IFT.org Read about three organizations tackling food insecurity in very different ways. Purdue's PICS storage bags drastically reduce crop postharvest losses...
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  • Call for applications: Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture, July 12-21, 2017

    The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) is pleased to announce that applications are open for our Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture, which will be held at Columbia University fr...
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  • Amatheon Agri Zambia - Factsheet

    Amatheon Agri Zambia is pleased to join the AgTechXChange community! Find out about our current operations in the factsheet attached.
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  • We are looking for partners

    Small-scale farming is the principal source of livelihood for many in Kenya. Agriculture provides 71 percent of employment and accounts for over 25 percent of Kenya‘s GDP. One of the best ways to increase the in...
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    Palm trees are of various species such as Palmyra, date palms, coconut palm, wine palm, etc. Its sap yields alcoholic beverage which can be processed into ethanol fuel for running of various engines and cars. Fuel p...
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