• Making Fish farming a sustainable source of affordable protein and a sustainable business

    Oluadepe Farms Nigeria Limited is an agribusiness company set up to take advantage of opportunities in Nigeria’s agriculture sector. We operate a complete aquaculture (Catfish & Tilapia) value chain (Hatcher...
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  • Palm Fruits Processing

    Palm fruits are very common across the West African region, Malaysia, Indonesia and some Latin American region. Its economic benefits and uses are enormous. From this wonder fruits quite a number of economic product...
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  • Five Agtech Trends in India

    agfunder provides a summary of five trends in Indian agtech. Why is this important to watch? India is both the home to the largest number of smallholder farmers, and it is also very business and tech rich. So their ap...
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  • The Digis Awards are coming!

    The Digital Development Awards (The Digis) fund that recognizes USAID projects and activities that embrace best practices in the application and utilization of digital technologies and data-driven approaches to achiev...
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  • ICT4Ag 2017

    This one-day conference will build on ICTforAg 2015 and 2016, bringing together 300 thought leaders and decision-makers in agriculture and technology from the international development community and the private sector...
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  • Hello Tractor and IYA Introduce Smart Tractors to Agripreneurs

    Check out the latest update from Hello Tractor's agripreneur program in Nigeria!
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    We along with some engineers and professors from selected universities in Nigeria are exploring the possibility of delivering an innovative clean energy and fuel out of farm,household and office wastes for lighting, c...
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  • Grant Brooke, Twiga Foods on a Kenyan start-up revolutionizing food delivery

    Grant Brooke, the CEO of Twiga Foods Limited explains who Twiga Foods are and what they do.
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  • Kenyan company looking to modernize micro-vendor market

    Kikonde Mwatela, the Chief Operations Officer of Twiga Foods Limited speaks about the Twiga Foods' operations processes.
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  • Measuring the impact of initiatives focused on smallholder farmers.pdf

    While many companies have incorporated smallholder farmers into their supply chains, it remains difficult to access data on how trade is impacting these farmers’ livelihoods. There is a dearth of empirical evide...
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  • Discounts available: UC Berkeley Conference on Agrifood Supply Chains - April 18 - 20, 2017

    Hello! UC Berkeley is organizing a conference on Strategic Perspectives on Innovation in Agrifood Supply Chains: Profitability, Sustainability and Global Change from April 18 - 20, 2017, in Berkeley.   The progr...
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  • Digital Financial Services

    Digital Development for Feed the Future has just released an interactive online resource to complement The Guide to the Use of Digital Financial Services in Agriculture. The online resource serves as an interactive, s...
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    Solutions is an award winning IT consulting company, based in Haiti, specialized in custom software development and business process improvement in vertical segments such as public health monitoring and evaluation, mu...
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  • Developing a Mobile Client Facing Interface_The Musoni Kenya Experience.pdf

    Successes, challenges and lessons learnt while developing and implementing a mobile client facing solution for a Kenyan Micro-finance Institution.
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  • Experiences from the Field_A Credit Officer's Perspective.pdf

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    Agriculture plays a crucial role and it is the backbone of the third world economies; providing food, raw materials and employment to a very large proportion of the population. The importance of agriculture cannot be...
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  • Group Integrity

    Group Integrity supports audit management, audit documentation, non-compliance follow-up, external reporting (market, certification) and internal quality verification system management processes (e.g. ICS, PGS, and GL...
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  • Growing Prosperity: Developing Repeatable Models to Scale Agriculture Innovations

    While there is extensive literature on agriculture in the developing world, it focuses primarily on the actions of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), aid agencies and governments, as well as on farmers’ decis...
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    The big challenges of working or getting things done in Africa are, the slow process of getting things done and the corruption.  All American firms who are trying to accomplish their contractual responsibilities ...
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  • Stories about African cooperatives

    Hello - I am working on an publication and case study on cooperatives in Africa, with special interest in east Africa.   I would be most appreciative of any stories on the benefits of cooperatives. I am lookin...
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