• Discounts available: UC Berkeley Conference on Agrifood Supply Chains - April 18 - 20, 2017

    Hello! UC Berkeley is organizing a conference on Strategic Perspectives on Innovation in Agrifood Supply Chains: Profitability, Sustainability and Global Change from April 18 - 20, 2017, in Berkeley.   The progr...
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    Agriculture plays a crucial role and it is the backbone of the third world economies; providing food, raw materials and employment to a very large proportion of the population. The importance of agriculture cannot be...
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    The big challenges of working or getting things done in Africa are, the slow process of getting things done and the corruption.  All American firms who are trying to accomplish their contractual responsibilities ...
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  • Regional Center for Horticulture Innovation for Southern Africa approved to be located at NRDC Lusaka

    Looking for Funding / partners   UC Davis California recently contracted Agrismart Zambia to establish the Regional Center for Horticulture Innovation for Southern Africa at NRDC Lusaka.   We are looking f...
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  • Stories about African cooperatives

    Hello - I am working on an publication and case study on cooperatives in Africa, with special interest in east Africa.   I would be most appreciative of any stories on the benefits of cooperatives. I am lookin...
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  • Post Harvest Loss Reduction:Organic Fertilizer Pellets Processing

    Organic fertilizer pellet can be produced by recycling wastes from the farm including weeds.Processing your farm wastes into fertilizer is another sure way of reducing post harvest waste/losses. With modern technologi...
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  • Stimulating Economic Activities among Smallholder Farmers

    In what ways can investors and entrepreneurs stimulate local economies to benefit smallholder farmers in the rural areas so as to encourage them toward higher productivity?  
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  • How can we work with farmers to develop rural areas?

    A good read read from Prof. Bitange Ndemo, a former PS in the Kenyan Government and currently an Associate Proffesor at the University of Nairobi had these to say NDEMO: Work with farmers to develop rural areas - Opin...
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  • Scaling Up Agricultural Output in Africa through Innovation & Technology

    Yemi Akinbamijo, executive director at the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa joins CNBC Africa to talk about unlocking Africa's agricultural potential through innovation, technology, and investment in the sect...
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  • Who is working with Vermiculture and Fungi for Soil Health/Composting?

    Is anyone raising worms (vermiculture) for composting and soil health? Is anyone utilizing mycorhizzal fungi in the soil matrix?  Mycorhizzae confer drought and disease resistance.  Mycorhizzae also transpo...
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  • Zamorano University Helps Central America to Benefit from Nematodes

    With calls for reductions in chemical use, smallholder farmers need affordable biological options for pest control. In Honduras, a new product called NemaPower is helping farmers to improve crop viability, reduce pest...
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  • Makona River Rice Farm

    Hi Everyone, I am in need of a TRACTOR , plow and some advice to  how I can expand my rice Farm in Liberia, Lofa County. I will accept any idea from you guys with a lot of experience. My target is 2,000 acres of ...
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  • Manure Spreader

    The Manure Spreader (MS) is an intermediate and scalable technology made to increase soil fertility and crop productivity by easily spreading manure in the fields. It improves productivity and incomes; reduces labor i...
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  • Dry Land Smallholder Farmers Innovative Technology.

    Makuueni County smallholder farmers surfer climate change challenges and also prolonged drought. Ordinarily, they plant never to harvest whenever rains fail. The government policy is to provide them with relief food w...
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  • Graduate Farmer Initiative,  empowering the youth in Kenya  from becoming job seekers to creators through agribusiness

    Graduate Farmer is a Social Enterprise located in Eldoret created with the main aim of empowering the youth and in Kenya with Agricultural Information, Technical "Know How" Farming skills, Practical Crop and Animal Ma...
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  • Field to packhouse bar code scanning improving packhouse traceability

    Field to packhouse bar code scanning improves packhouse traceability and makes easy work of managing and monitoring fresh produce inventory and traceability through bar code traceability.  Barcodes, scanning, and...
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  • Avena introduces a unique concept to develop small hold farmers.

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  • BF2 innovation Biotech S Senegal

    Nous avons mis en place une innovation BF2 qui est le fruit de recherche pendant 2 ans qui consiste à fabriquer un fertilisant pesticide fabrique à partir des déchets organiques (bouses de vache fie...
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  • Crop Nutrition Lab Services

    Initiated at Partnering for Innovation™ first AgInvestor Lab on May 2013, Kenya-based Crop Nutrition Laboratory (CropNuts) and Columbia University's The Earth Institute are uniting to provide low-cost mobile soi...
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  • JDCPhosphate - disruptive technology for the phosphate industry

         Phosphorus is a part of DNA, RNA and ATP and is essential for all life. Phosphorus values are obtained from mined phosphate rock most of which is used to make fertilizer and animal feed produc...