• AgriDigitization (Agribusiness beyond the Markets)

    Class 62 of the fate foundation AEP program started on the 5th of February and fourteen farms was represented by her Production Supervisor. Proudly supported by Facebook, the focus is on how to build businesses that s...
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  • World Food Bank January Newsletter

    Sharing the World Food Bank's latest newsletter, announcing the appointment of Scott Brown, former CEO of VisionFund International, to the role of President of the World Food Bank, our new partnership with Jibu, and u...
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  • Climate smart maize

    Climate change leading to no rainfall at the expected time has led to the development of climate resistant maize seeds for smallholder farmers. These seeds can resist adverse conditions of no rainfall and hot sun tha...
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  • Nitrofix Success Story Farmer Based.

    Having developed and demonstrated the benefits of soybean inoculants in boosting the crop’s productivity in Malawi, the challenge then to ensure that the technology would be both available and affordable for far...
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  • AISL Success story highlighting Partnership structure used for commercialisation of the NItrofix Inoculant Technology.

      About AISL Agro-Input Suppliers Limited (AISL) was registered in the year 2003 as a company limited by private share capital. The company’s core business is production and trading of agricultural Inputs a...
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  • New AgTechnologies Adopted by Young Male and Female Producers In Rural Guatemala

    Aiming to promote local opportunities for sustainable income for youth, Partnering for Innovation is currently investing in Guatemalan youth, both male and female producers through the AgriJoven project.  AgriJov...
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  • Success story: Less poverty through business

    Success story: Less poverty through business   Sociedade de Beneficiamento de Sementes (SBS) is a seed processing company set up in the Zambezia region of Mozambique with the aim of producing low cost, high-qual...
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  • Youth-Produced Explainer Videos on Biological Control Products

    Rana Labs Video Production Workshops October - November 2017     Around the world, farmers are incorporating new biological control products into their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy and are seein...
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    Are you a small holder or commercial farmer desirous to process your produce into finished products for sale to homes or other industries so as to arrest post harvest wastes and losses? We can design and assist you wi...
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    Africa is home to fertile land for agriculture. Over 70 percent of Africa's population are engaged in farming. Several crops are cultivated yearly but unfortunately, the value chain of these crops are not maximized d...
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  • Call for applications: Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture, June 19-29, 2018

    Download the 2018 Executive Training Brochure here. The application is available here. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis; the final application deadline is March 31, 2018. Applicants are strongly encour...
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  • Can farmer-to-farmer digital networking help smallholder farmers

    I always enjoy my weekly email feed from Agfunder, an online ag investment platform that stays on top of emerging technologies. In today's blog they report on a series D fundraise by agtech firm Farmers Business Netwo...
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  • World Food Day 2017 SDG2: Zero Hunger Changing the future of migration, Invest in Food Security and rural Development

    If women had the same access to productivity as men they could increase yields in their fields by 20-30%. This alone would raise total agricultural output in developing countries (Nigeria included) by 2.5-4%, which wo...
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    I am Sgt willams Allette Business Consultant for any kindly of Investment , my work is to provide a Investors or Loan  Company for People   We want you to Partner with any of Investors or Loan Company but ...
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  • World Food Day 2017 SDG2: Zero Hunger  Changing the future of migration, Invest in Food Security and rural Development  Food Security; The place of Teenagers

    The average farming age in Nigeria is between 61 and 65years and the average age is 24 years . Our visit to St Mulumba Catholic College in Ile-ife an ancienty city where most household have in recent times practiced f...
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  • Need Partnership

    How does Borana Livestock Resource Management LTD, Ethiopia able to partner with Impact Investors to expand the businesses to large scale and link to market opportunities wordwide for the supply of Organic products? &...
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  • Nigeria: Results of a smallholder segmentation survey

    Hello! Here is a great article about a segmentation survey of smallholder farmers in Nigeria: http://www.cgap.org/publications/national-survey-and-segmentation-smallholder-households-nigeria?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3A&he...
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  • Youth Agric Festival on Agribusiness

    The YFarm Youth Agric Festival was organised to promote youth agric enterprises, build capacities of young people in the agric sector and engage with relevant stakeholders. The organizers goal was to promote a youth-l...
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  • This is our blog for local entrepreneurs producing locally

    Hello,   *     http://www.madein243.wordpress.com/   And this is our website, soon to be up and running   *     manitechcongo.com
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  • JSW The Times India Earth Care Award 2016

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