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    Dear Friends.

    For Our customer in Nigeria, I am requesting your help regarding the purchase and installation of the machines and equipment necessary for the installation and operation of the maize and cassava processing plant. They want to present them a turnkey offer they want to present a project indicating the facilities that need to be built, to install the necessary machinery and equipment, considering a model suggested and made as possible by us or you.

    They want to be offered a maintenance and advice for 5 years in the offer. They already have the financing approved and available to start the purchase and installation of the necessary equipment for the operation of the processor. Of corn and cassava.

    Let me know if this is possible or if You  have a known company that can help us in the realization of this project, We unfortunately do not have much information, even though we have requested it, they only know that they need to mount a food processor And commercialize them, this information I request as soon as possible and the production can be medium or high, if you give me the two options I am very grateful.


    Thank you so much for your attention.

    Henry Linke