Success story of Chi Farms Aquaculture Project

    “I always spent my money for my fishes, but I never knew if I was making a profit. Now I track my expenses every day and I know how to manage my farm to be profitable.” Mrs. Bolanle Adesina is part of the Aquaculture Empowerment Program by Chi Farms (Nigeria). Chi Farms aims to increase the supply of fresh catfish in Nigeria by building the capacity of small holder fish farmers. At the same time Chi Farms invests into the expansion of its catfish juvenile hatcheries and its feed mill.

    Mrs. Bolanle Adesina is one of the farmers that Chi Farms has partnered with. She has been active in fish farming for three years. However, the training's by Chi Farms are her first professional training's on fish farming. During the six full training days all aspects of the growing cycle were covered. She learnt about site selection and pond preparation which helps when choosing a pond site to avoid flooding. She learnt about pond preparation and stocking which enlightened her on steps to take before stocking the pond with juveniles. She learnt about water quality management and its importance to the survival of fish which helped her to reduce mortality and increase growth rate. She learnt about fish nutrition and feeding which enlightened her on importance of feeding the juveniles at the right time to enhance growth. She learnt about fish health management and its importance in order to reduce mortality. She learnt about record keeping and the importance to keep track of what is spent. She learnt about fish farming as a business and its profitability.



    Mrs. Adesina Bolanle, Location: 10 Bakare Street, Eleja Sagamu


    Mr. and Mrs. Odubawo who were also participants of the training have been into catfish farming for 5 years. They have decided to take part in the production partnership with Chi Farms. Under this formal agreement they receive juveniles, feed and water testing kits on credit. In return they supply their catfish to Chi Farms at a pre-agreed price.




    Mr. & Mrs. Odubawo, Location: Jesuwalaye Street, off Ayepe Road


    Chi Farms is bringing most of the procured catfish to the Lagos metropolis with its 20 million inhabitants. The company provides the life catfish to hotels and restaurants and recently also launched various processed food products based on catfish. In total over 1,000 catfish farmers in Southern and Northern Nigeria will benefit from the partnership with Chi Farms.