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    emmanuel Adventurer

      Palm tree.jpgPalm wine tree.jpg

      Palm trees are of various species such as Palmyra, date palms, coconut palm, wine palm, etc.

      Its sap yields alcoholic beverage which can be processed into ethanol fuel for running of various engines and cars.

      Fuel produced from palm wine is environmentally friendly.

      In Southern Nigeria, particularly the river line regions, these trees are in abundance and also are the palm wine. Unfortunately this resource and opportunity have been left untapped.

      We have modern technology that can process not only this tree and fruits to several useful products but also process the sap (palm wine) into ethanol fuel that can run car and other engines.

      Funding is hereby requested for the processing of palm trees into several products including bio-fuels.

      Below is the picture of a model ethanol fuel plant.

      Interested investors can reach me through emmanueludomisor@yahoo.com or gloryarenaexcellentmen@yahoo.com for further discussion.

      Copy of Ethanol plant.jpg

          emmanuel Adventurer

          Glad to announce the receipt of several mails offering to supply the sap (palm wine) to feed the plant when project starts. In other words, the supply of adequate raw materials are guaranteed.

          This is very encouraging and we are considering expanding the scope to include cooking fuels for stoves in homes.

          Many fraudsters are also abusing the display of my emails attempting to hack into my accounts. This is too bad.