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    Here's an innovative and sustainable agribusiness idea

    donnarosa Wayfarer

      A Forest Garden is a locally-appropriate, multi-layered system of farm production.  It combines diverse varieties of crops and trees that enable families to fulfill their subsistence needs and access new market opportunities.


      They provide farming families with sustainable sources of food, livestock fodder, fuel, and forest products to consume and sell at nearby markets. It engages the entrepreneurial spirit and skill of local farmers, allowing them to permanently increase their income and revitalize degraded lands.


      Highly-trained staff members work directly with large farmer groups to design locally-tailored forest gardens that meet the distinct needs of the families and the market opportunities available. Through a series of workshops, farmers learn to optimize their land. They select, grow and plant diverse trees and crop varieties that maximize yields while also significantly improving the quality of the land being farmed. The system contains many trees solely dedicated toward serving ecosystem purposes. The Forest Garden design also considers integrated pest management, using trees and vegetation to serve as barriers for pests and sources for natural pesticides.


      Read about it at https://trees.org/post/solution/                  www.donnamrosa.com